Hospitality, Travel and Vacation Consultant
will be a real “tailor” of unforgettable experiences.

About us

Welcome to the world of the CVV, welcome to a new era. Our Consultants represent our tomorrow but today in a sector, that of tourism, that is constantly evolving. We don’t like to stop and wait for things to happen, we like to make them happen before others do. Ours is a reality built up of unique professionals who have always been our ticket to success. It is in them that we place our trust, and to them that we direct our exclusive customers. They are the “tailors” of holidays destined to leave a mark…

Hospitality, Travel and Vacation

We work every day to offer all this to the highest quality. We identify the tastes and preferences of our clients before “confectioning” a custom made itinerary that cannot be compared. No copies or packages: it will always be our Consultants who write the first pages of a story that, with passion and experience, will turn into a true fairytale worth recounting!